H&M Employee Relations

H&M is a Swedish-owned global fashion retail chain selling women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories. It is one the three biggest fashion retailers in the world, along with Gap and Zara. H&M is known for using celebrities in its marketing, and even sponsors show jumping horse riders in Sweden. In social democratic Sweden, a large majority of workers are unionized, about 71%.  Ninety percent of Swedish workers are protected by collective agreements governing their sector.  Most retail workers are protected by collective agreements and/or represented by one of two unions, Handels or Unionen, including H&M workers. The comapany proclaims that 63% of its workers are covered by collective agreements.

Zellers Workers Unite

Profitable US-based retail company, Target, is moving into Canada in the summer of 2012, taking over more than a hundred Zellers locations.  But the workers in these stores have been told that they are losing their jobs.  Current workers are welcome to re-apply for their jobs, but there is no guarantee that they will get to keep their status, seniority, or any benefits they may have earned through collective bargaining. Many Zellers workers have put in years or even decades of loyal service and they are asking Target to respect this.  Canadians are uniting through the Ask Target for Fairness campaign.