Organizations and Campaigns

Below are but some of the organizations working to improve retail workers’ conditions and lives around the world.

FNV Bondgenoten * The largest union in the Netherlands and a strong advocate for retail workers.

Handels * The largest retail union in Sweden.

I Hold Campaign * A coalition of Netherlands-based Ahold company workers in the United States and Europe, and their allies.

Ikea Workers United * A campaign for Ikea workers in BC.

IWW Food and Retail Workers United * An international union for workers across workplaces.

Make H&M a Better Place to Work * A campaign for H&M workers in Canada.

Making Change at Walmart * A campaign uniting Walmart workers and their supporters.

Mandate * The major Irish union representing retail workers.

OUR Walmart * A coalition of Walmart workers and their supporters.

Retail Action Project * A retail workers’ organization based in New York City.

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union * A major retail union in the United States.

SACCAWU * South Africa’s retail workers’ union.

Save Our Sundays * A Nova Scotia based campaign fighting Sunday shopping.

Unifor: The Union * A large Canadian workers’ organization that represents and organizes retail workers.

UNI Global Union * An advocate for retail workers globally.

UNI Global Union Alliance at IKEA * An international campaign for IKEA workers.

UNI Global Union Walmart Alliance * A global network for Walmart workers.

Unionen * The second largest retail union in Sweden.

UFCW Canada * Canada’s largest retail workers’ union.

UNITE * An Australian union fighting for retail and other low-wage service workers.

United Food and Commercial Workers Union * A major retail union in the United States.

Ver.di * A major German retail union.

Workers United Canada * A union representing retail workers in Canada and the US.


3 thoughts on “Organizations and Campaigns

  1. Retail workers need to know that we don’t have to wait around for one of the business unions to take a shine to their workplace to organize. The Industrial Workers of the World’s IU 660 is an industrial union dedicated not just to “getting respect” or what have you, but to bringing the retail industry as a whole under cooperative (workers’) ownership and management, and IWW membership is open to all workers in every workplace right now; we organize workers, not workplaces. You can learn more at or at a special IWW project web site, FRWU stands for “Food and Retail Workers United” and is a collaboration between IWW IUs 460, 640, and 660. We also have a Starbucks Workers Union, a Jimmy John’s Workers Union, and a brand-new Pizza Hut Workers Union.

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