Albertans Unite for Retail Workers

Workers and their community allies in Calgary, Alberta will be showing their support for Zellers workers on Saturday, October 13th.  Rallies at two different Zellers locations will call on Target to respect Calgary workers as they convert the Zellers stores into Target locations. Full details are available here.


Global Support and Coverage for Walmart Workers

The retail workers’ movement is growing, and Walmart strikers are attracting international attention.  Members of OUR Walmart have announced their intention to expand and increase their collective actions, targeting “Black Friday,” a major US shopping day and the beginning of the holiday shopping season, the biggest money maker for retailers. Their call for change has inspired workers around the world.

Making Change photo.

Here is global media coverage of the strikes in the Guardian.

Walmart is the largest private sector employer in the world, and it affects labour standards and relations in retail and beyond.  Workers at Walmart rightly believe they deserve a say in setting those standards.

Walmart Strikes Spreading Across the US

Inspired by their co-workers’ bravery last week, and by a desire to unite for change, today workers walked off the job at Walmart stores in DallasTexas; Miami, Florida; Seattle, Washington; Laurel, Maryland; and Northern, Central, and Southern California. Read about their incredible story here.

This is a useful column on the issues at stake.

You can send the workers your support in seconds here.

Retail Activism Growing

It has been a busy time for retail workers and their allies around the world.   California warehouse workers wrapped up their two week, 50 mile pilgrimage for safe work, having built mass support for their cause.  In Illinois, workers at a Walmart supplier warehouse are on strike for better working conditions, and 17 supporters were arrested during a large day of action.  In the US, France, and around the world, workers in Apple stores are campaigning for change. Vous pouvez lire cet article sur les problèmes et efforts en France. In India, a national strike was held against proposed changes to the retail sector, which saw shopkeepers, workers, and unionists uniting.

In assessing this growing retail activism, the diversity of participants is noteworthy.  So too is the fact that a wide range of strategies are being used, and that the efforts are both about resisting poor conditions, and proactively proposing new ways to view retail work and workers.